About Us

The International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) is a non-profit non-governmental international network of wood enthusiasts dedicated to the research, education, and promotion of global wood culture. Wood is an eco-friendly renewable biomaterial and IWCS utilizes cultural approaches to promote the concept Wood is Good.

Wood culture is very broad. For IWCS, we encourage the study of wood from a cultural perspective. The basic concept is the value and ways we use wood in our society. IWCS explores wood culture namely the human usage of and activities with wood in our society, as well as values toward wood, wood products and wood-related environments, which forms the unique culture of wood.

Our Mission:

  • The research, education and promotion of wood culture.
  • Using a cultural approach to achieve the idea that wood is good for a sustainable future.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to promote the importance and value of wood and the responsible uses of wood and forest.