Wood Culture Symposium and Tour at Changbai Mountain, China

Culture Tour

Changbai Mountain is located in the northeast of China, at the border between China and North Korea, with a peak at 2691 metres. The abundant natural resources of Changbai Mountain indeed flourish a unique wood culture that is worth exploring. 

From 2nd to 7th March 2012, IWCS held an international wood culture symposium and tour in ChangBai Mountain. The wood culture symposium invited scholars from China, American, Russia and Japan to have an interdisciplinary discussion. There were four sessions focusing on different themes, including loggers’ culture in ChangBai Mountain area, wood art, protective strategy of wood culture in Japan, pine recovery in Russia, USA wood culture….etc. It was a perfect chance to gather professionals to share their ideas on wood culture in different fields. 

The wood culture tour began on the second day. We visited the winter selection cutting farm, the lumber yard and the last wooden house village in Changbai Mountain. The scholars accompanied us and gave us detailed information on each spot we visited.   

The Gudingzi Village is a remote and primitive village in Changbai Mountain area where people still live in the past. The houses are all built of wood, so is the chimney. Their lives are mainly dependent on the natural resources (that are) gathered from the forest. The wooden houses and the harmonic way of living with the nature have captured  attention nationwide. The village is now preserved as the last wooden house village in Changbai Mountain.

The forestry resources at Changbai Mountain have also formed a perfect environment for logging industry. We were fortunate to see the demonstration of selection cutting in winter. Throughout the 4-day tour, we have come to realize the importance and the value of wood for these people at Changbai Mountain.

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By RuAn Hsu