2014 World Wood Day - Tree Planting


Both international and Chinese participants plant trees in Xianyou in honor of 2014 WWD right after the award ceremony. You can also watch the Tree Planting video here.


A breezy, sunny afternoon seemed like the perfect day to head out to the hillsides. Over a hundred 2014 WWD artists went to a nearby hill of Guifeng mountain on foot in the afternoon of March 24 for the tree planting event that supports environmental sustainability.


The participants hike to Guifeng mountain for tree planting.


The event aimed to observe WWD and revitalize the importance of the natural surroundings. 600 Red Sandalwood and 100 Wenge trees were planted for this eco-friendly event.


The participants start working on the hillsides.


There was a wide variety of nationalities and a high level of enthusiasm. All the international participants and Chinese workers from local communities dug in at the planting site of over 6 acres of land. Everybody pulled together, grabbed shovels, dug planting holes of proper diameters and depths, and prepared the saplings to be put into the ground.


Saplings are ready to be put in the planting holes.


The participants fill the holes with soil and pat it down when the saplings are in place.


The participants replace the soil in the holes with shovels.


As trees are one of the most important features of our natural environment, it is our common responsibility to protect, maintain and create the green land. The participants rolled up their sleeves and exercised their green thumbs to increase the urban green land and expand the natural spaces in the Chinese communities.


The participants water the newly planted saplings.


The combined effort of all individuals was a key component to make this outreach program a success, especially when the big trees were going to be planted.


The international artists plant trees jointly with the local workers.


Some hold the trunks of the trees while others shovel dirt into the holes to cover the roots.



Team work is proven to make a difference in the tree planting.


Several participants fill the hole with soil when the trees are erected.


Watering the trees while the trees are standing firmly upon the ground.


The tree planting activity provided an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, connect with nature and share a part for the Chinese local environment.


The artists are keen on planting trees, showing their concern for the environment and the natural resources.



The artists enjoy working in the field and with the fellow artists.


Xianyou is a county in Fujian Province that is mostly mountainous with a nearly 63% forest coverage rate. The tree planting event provided greenery to contribute to the county’s landscaping and environment, which would lead to a healthier ecosystem in the future.

The participants conclude 2014 WWD celebration with afforested hillsides in Xianyou.












A local worker looked at the new planting with a smile.

Everyone who joined this event made it an uplifting experience. The participants forested the hillsides with a dedication to sustainable living, manifesting WWD concept “Wood is Good” in China.


The participants’ hard work pays off, adding value to the local community and nature.