Roboky and the Forest (Picture Book Series for Education about Wood Utilization)


IWCS is pleased and honored to introduce a new children’s book, Roboky and the Forest, an educative picture book for children and parents who wish to learn more about the nature.

There are three stories in the Roboky series. The first story Roboky and the Forest is about how Roboky first appeared in the story and how he met with a boy, and took him to the forests exploring the secret of the photosynthesis.

The audio storybook of Roboky and the Forest is published by Kaiseisha Press and now available in five different languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, French, and Korean. There are also e-book, printed book, and picture-card show versions available for the Roboky series.

IWCS invites everyone to be with Roboky to discover the Forest.


Link to Kaiseisha Press website (English):

Link to Roboky and the Forest book (English):