People > Poland > Mr. Brog - A passion towards Pipe-making

 May 24 2018  

"Mr. Brog" is the largest manufacturers of wooden pipe in Poland. The pipes produced by "Mr. Brog" are all labeled in number before selling. More than 2,000,000 handmade wooden pipes have been produced and sold by "Mr. Brog," making it one of the largest suppliers in the European market. As a master of pipe-making, Mr. Zbigniew Bednarczyk, the founder of "Mr. Brog" shared experience with us in the design and production of pipes for the past 30 years. Why should the pipe be made of wood? What kind of wood is used? What kind of pipe is the best? Mr. Zbigniew Bednarczyk is a versatile person. In addition to designing pipes, He also loves painting, wood carving and doing some fantastic wooden furniture. He is fond of singing and dancing, but tobacco is his favorite.