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 Oct 28 2018  

In 1982 Eduardo Córdova Reyes graduated from the National School of Art Instructors of Cuba; and in 1989 he graduated as Professor of Percussion of the National Center of Improvement for the Artistic Teaching of Cuba. From the year 1990, he works as a percussion teacher at the Vocational Art School. One day he decided to make his own instruments because the sound of his drum did not leave him completely satisfied. Thus begins an adventure in which cedar trunks, ironwork and leather begin to shape a world of sonorities and dreams in which music and crafts converge and complement each other without setting precise limits. He held exhibitions of instrument, conference, demostrations and created his musical group Obbara, participates in international event, especially World Wood Day culture event in China and Turkey organized by International Wood Culture Society which offered him an occasion to meet, play and communicate with musicians from around the world on the same stage. Córdova is also known as The King of Drums. He has devoted all his effort to acoustic music and the construction of drums. He considers his percussion teaching as a very important part in his life, which makes him fulfilled.