People > Brazil > The Brazilian Woodcarver - Panta Tavares

 Dec 27 2021  

Born in the cultural town of northeast Brazil - Juazeiro do Norte, state of Ceara. Panta had an uneasy childhood, he spent most of his teenage life in rebellion, one day he found out drawing was his emotional outlet, he puts anger and anxiety aside, felling into the world of expressing himself through art. Later he decides to put flat drawings in dimensions, he started to be a tattoo artist, he quickly gained reputation by covering old tattoos and lively transmitting fresh images on human body. Eager to expand artistic vision, Panta thought "art should be 3D, it is supposed to be seen in different angles and aspects", he joined Centro de Cultural Popular Mestre Noza- birth place of numerous renowned artists and woodcarvers of Ceara. Furthermore, he was apprenticed to master Edival Rosas. Fascinated by different faces and transformations a piece of wood can present, as Panta says "art and wood revived my life, when I get a piece of wood, I can immediately imagine where it should be curved and where should be pointed, it is because the wood speaks for itself". Without academic formation, Panta acquired intimate relation with wood by his senses, emotions and heartfelt passion toward the world and art.