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 May 22 2023  

Longan Wood Carving belongs to one of the four major wood carvings in China.  It is the most representative handicraft in Fujian wood carving and a unique traditional handicraft in Chinese woodcarving.  It is named because the material used for carving is Longan wood, which is abundant in Fujian.  Longan wood actually comes from the longan tree.  Its material is hard, the texture is fine, its color is ruddy, and its trunk is full of burls.  The wood carving works created according to its natural form are fairly natural and vivid.  Longan wood carving has appeared in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and were mainly based in places around Fuzhou, Putian, and Quanzhou.  It has a wide range of themes, including accurate and meticulous carvings, animals, figures, root carvings, furniture, and items to play with, etc.

Huang Qingluan, the inheritor of Putian Longan Wood Carving has been dedicated in wood carving for more than 20 years.  He apprenticed under Min Guolin, Master of Longan Wood Carving, and was good at round carving, root carving.  As a craftsman, Huang Qingluan is constantly improving, challenging and breaking through himself on the road of art.  His works are mainly based on poetic expressions of imagery, artistic conception, and interest.  He has innovated and developed on the basis of adhering to traditional techniques.  His works have been collected by many museums across the country and abroad, and have won various awards many times.