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 Apr 05 2023  

Lanterns are an ancient traditional handicraft.  It combines painting, paper craft, embroidery and sewing (thorn stitching), and other crafts.  In addition to lighting functions, it is also of great decorative value.  It is an important part of the annual custom culture.  Every year around the Lantern Festival, people hang lanterns one after another to create a festive and auspicious atmosphere.

After thousands of years of evolution, lanterns have developed differently in different regions, and their varieties and uses have become increasingly colorful.  The structure of Taiwanese lanterns is handcrafted from Taiwan's three-year-old high mountain Phyllostachys Bambusoides with good toughness.  The outer part is usually made of Zhangzi paper, which is windproof and rainproof, and durable.  Traditional Taiwanese lanterns include Dragon and Phoenix Lantern, Dragon and Tiger Lantern, the Lantern of Wealth, Children and Longevity, and the Lantern of Nine Dragons Fighting for The Pearl.  There is also an Umbrella Lantern that uses the production principle of oil-paper umbrellas, which can be easily stored like paper umbrellas when not in use.  In Minnan dialect, the Chinese character "Lantern" and "Ding" are homophonic, so hanging lanterns has the saying of many children, good fortune and seeking for light.  Colorful lanterns also imply family reunion, career prosperity, health and longevity, and people's expectation for a better life.