Heritage > Russia > Semiluzhki Fortress - A Courier Station of The Tea Road

 Aug 31 2020  

Semiluzhki fortress is a Russian historical site of the 17th century, located in the Semiluzhki village on the outskirts of Tomsk city. The small wooden fortress we see today was rebuilt in 2009. Because of its geographical location on the "Siberian Route", bridging from East Asia to Europe, the fortress was one of the courier stations of The Tea Road. The fortress consists of different parts: the water well, a small wooden church dedicated to Saint Nicolas and other wooden houses in Russian style. The historic objects were nicely displayed in the exhibition room, people get to know the history and the traditions during their visit. This film leads the audience into this wooden fortress to have a deeper understanding of its great history and its importance of passing these Russian traditions to the next generation.