Heritage > Brazil > Lira Nordestina - A Cordel String Literature Workshop in Brazil

 Oct 26 2021  

Northeast Brazilian arid interior called the Cariri region, after its original Indian inhabitants. This region’s richness of its traditional expressive forms has caused it to be hailed as the authentic Brazil.

Woodcut prints in Brazil began as an offshoot of a folk art known as “literatura de cordel” (string literature). Since the 19th century, folk poets elaborates rhymed verses about real and imaginary events and characters, pamphlets are displayed at fairs hanging from a string, and wood-carved cover bears graphic depictions of the contents.
Inherited from his grandfather, Lira Nordestina, a cordel press of string literature in Juazeiro do Norte is managed by Master José Lourenço and a group of woodcut print making artists (xylographer), to continue its artsy folk art tradition.