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 Sep 25 2023  

Fu Kunxiang, the inheritor of Ancient Ship Model Making Skills. He joined the Yunnan Provincial Model Aircraft Team at the age of 17 and has been making ship models for more than 40 years. After retiring from the aircraft model team, Fu Kunxiang founded a ship model studio. In 2012, Fu Kunxiang decided to replicate Zheng He's fleet and use ship models to recreate Zheng He's voyage to the Western Seas. More than 600 years ago, the Ming Dynasty navigator Zheng He sailed a treasure ship to the Western Ocean seven times and opened up a Maritime Silk Road. This was the largest maritime voyage in ancient China with the largest number of ships and sailors and the longest duration. It created an unprecedented feat in the history of world navigation.

Fu Kunxiang traveled all over the country, retracing Zheng He's footsteps, asking local veteran shipwrights for ancient boat-making techniques, going to museums to consult historical materials, and looking for clues about the fleet from unearthed cultural relics. Fu Kunxiang pays attention to all kinds of details, and the craftsmanship of the ship model is very fine, including carpentry, bleaching and dyeing, sewing, carving, painting, painting, etc., to truly restore the ship type of Fu Ship and watertight compartment structure of Zheng He's treasure ship.

Fu Kunxiang's goal is to completely replicate 808 Zheng He's fleets. His biggest dream is to take them on a tour along the new Maritime Silk Road to recreate the magnificent history of Zheng He's fleet. The sailing journey shows the world the unique Chinese ancient ship building skills and the long-standing charm of ancient ship culture.