Music > Burkina Faso > Musical Bow by Timbiri Winsey (Burkina Faso) & Group Performance with Traditional Instruments

 Mar 31 2023  

Timbiri WINSEY is a renowned musician from Burkina Faso. He plays a variety of musical instruments, mainly string instruments among which the MUSICAL BOW. It is the most basic of stringed instruments. The mouth bow also called musical bow is so called because it is shaped like a small bow between which is stretched a fiber string. The string measures between 50 and 70 cm, the bow between 80 and 130 cm. Tim WINSEY explained to us that the musical bow also called LOLO in the BAMBARA language was passed on to him by his grandfather. In this video, Tim WINSEY produces the sound of Birds when they call for rain and the sound of water which is according to him the simplest and fair natural gift.