> China > The 2023 Traditional Wood Carving Forum on Inheritance and Innovation

 Oct 24 2023  

The 2023 Traditional Wood Carving Forum on the Inheritance and Innovation was successfully held in China (Putian) Strait Arts and Crafts City on the morning of September 29. Approximately 80 participants from wood carving industry professionals and students of relevant vocational and technical schools attended the forum. 

Seven speakers well explored the theme Wood in Culture Heritage. Ms. Li Huiying, president of Fujian Arts and Crafts Association and director of the Wood Carving Special Committee, presented a speech on the status of Fujian wood carving. She introduced the inheritance and development of the four major wood carving production areas of Fujian. Mr. Dharmar Shakya, academician of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, former President of the Federation of Handicraft Association Of Nepal, gave a talk on “Nepali Sculptures and its Creators” . 

Followed by talks from wood carving artists of the most distinguished carving schools, Mr. Lu Tingfeng, representative of Dongyang wood carving, made a presentation on “Wood carving inheritance, school-enterprise training mode exploration”, Mr. Ni Chengzhong, representative of Huangyang wood carving, gave a speech on “Artificial intelligence wave - the future of traditional wood carving”, Mr. Huang Qingluan, representative of Longan wood carving, talked about “Inheritance and innovation of building longan wood carving”, with Mr. Gong Yuanxun, representative of Teochew wood carving, discussed about “Practice and innovation of dongchao wood carving art school”. 

At the end of the forum, Ms. Su Jinling, Secretary General of International Wood Culture Society, gave a presentation on “World Wood Day - Building a Global Platform for Wood Culture Exchange, Learning and Promotion ”, which introduced how World Wood Day as a cultural event on March 21st to highlight wood as an eco-friendly and renewable biomaterial and to raise awareness on the key role wood plays in a sustainable world.

This forum is organized by International Wood Culture Society and Fujian Arts and Crafts Association. Co-organized by Wood Carving Professional Committee of Fujian Arts and Crafts Association and Putian Yabo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd,. Supported by the World Wood Day Foundation, Yueqing Vocational Secondary Professional School, Dongyang Fenghe Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd., Putian Qingluan Wood Carving Art Museum and Chaozhou Dongchao Wood Carving Art Museum.