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 Nov 27 2023  

On July 22, 2023, a group of twelve members from the International Wood Culture Society’s Nepal Wood Culture Tour team went to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, for a week-long cultural inspection.

The first stop of the delegation came to Bungamati, a Newari village located in the southern part of the Kathmandu Valley. Bungamati is an ancient village with profound cultural heritage in Nepal. It is famous for its woodcarving craftsmanship passed down from ancestors to this day. Shanta, a well-known local carving master who has participated in World Wood Day activities many times, led everyone to visit the ancient village. He explained in detail the exquisite carvings of wooden doors and windows in traditional brick buildings, and also introduced the altars, temples, pagodas, and communities in the village, pavilions for the elderly, ancient wells, etc.

In the studio of Shanta, several woodcarving masters from China and five woodcarving masters from Nepal began their first international exchange collaboration in an intense and orderly manner. Together they completed the woodcarving creation of "Eye of Peace". The work merges the respective cultural and aesthetic elements of China and Nepal, expressing the common aspirations of the artists of the two countries and their beautiful blessings and expectations.

Afterwards, the delegation visited Khokana Village, which was the first village in Nepal to be lit up with electricity in 1911. Everyone visited the ancient rapeseed oil production process in this ancient village.

The ancient village allows everyone to deeply understand the true face of rural life in Nepal, see the natural beauty and simplcity of people, and understand the indispensable role of religious belief in their daily lives. The handicrafts they adhere to will inevitably become more popular in the future and passed down among craftsman with tenacity character.