The 3rd China-ASEAN International Wood Culture Forum


To raise public awareness of wood, which has long contributed to human civilization and the sustainable future, “The 3rd China-ASEAN International Wood Culture Forum” took place on Nov. 16th in Nanning, Guangxi of China.

The forum was host and sponsored by International Wood Culture Society (IWCS), co-organized and supported by China National Forest Products Industry Association, Guangxi University, Center for China-ASEAN Studies of Guangxi University for Nationalities, China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat and International Union of Forest Research Organizations - Division 5.

Making “Heritage of Wood Civilization, Development with Innovation” as the theme, participants of the field of science, education, industry and art attended the forum from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and all parts of China.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Ms. Jinling Su, Secretary General of IWCS. Mr. Guangjie Zhao, the deputy chairman of IWCS, Mr. Feng SHI, Secretary General of China National Forest Product Industry Association and Mr. Shaoming Ye, the deputy head of College of Forestry of Guangxi University delivered the opening address.

IWCS researcher Ms. Chiahua Lee gave a brief work report. IWCS promotes the concept "Wood is Good" from the cultural perspective, which provides a different way to a better understanding of the meaning and the importance of wood to humankind and environment. To accomplish the mission to the research, education and promotion of wood culture, IWCS is currently carrying out three projects: the Knowledge Project, the Experience Project and the Life Project. There will be a series of cultural activities on March 21st 2013 in Tanzania to celebrate the first World Wood Day.

During the forum, Mr.Huang Xingqiu, Professor from Center for China - ASEAN Studies of Guangxi University for Nationalities, talked about the relationship of wood with residential houses, production, folk customs, belief and amusement. The forum was looking at the unique historical characteristics, beauty, art sentiment and cultural value of timber products in China and ASEAN area.

Mr. Achmad Zainudin is from Jepara of Indonesia, where the furniture center in the world is located. In his talk, he said people are aware of environment issue, global warming and illegal logging. The government law  implements the verification system based on the above realization and market trend. Due to a lack of capacity, such as financial management, internal arrangement and human resources, the only way that small scale producers can survive is to set up the group certification. 

Mr. Jirawat, the chairman of the Thai Timber Association and Secretary General of the Thai Furniture Industries Association, shared the idea of“living a green life” of Thai people. What is the way out for a small country? It is important to go green mindset, to have a clear vision, and to be ready for a change. He also introduced the paradox of the Thai wood design and culture,and presented Thai people’s love, appreciation and joy of wood.

Paete is a town rich in history, traditions and culture, and have produced a large number of wood carving artisans and artists that is unparalleled elsewhere in the Philippines. The rural way of life provides inspiration for creating wood sculptures. Dr. Consuelo Habito and her project team are active participants in promoting wood culture, wood conservation and sustainable use of wood in the wood carving industry.   

Mr. Jinrong Yang, Chinese national senior master of art and craft, is the director and researcher of Jiangsu Institutes of Hongmu Culture and Art. He introduced his idea about the concept of Chinese traditional Hongmu culture, including wood material, wood products, culture and art. He also analyzed the four factors of art value and aesthetic principles of the art of Hongmu.

Talking about the material of Hongmu, Mr.Linm Che, Chairman of Asia-Pacific Furniture Association, is doing research and application of making Hongmu furniture by using modified wood from commercial plantation. It is a positive exploration of traditional concept of Hongmu and a way to the sustainable path.

It has been the third time since the first China-ASEAN International Wood Culture Forum was held in 2010. Meanwhile, 2012 International Live Wood Carving Show and Competition (China-AESEN) was also organized in Nanning China. With the primary aim of promoting the concept "Wood is Good" from the cultural perspective, the whole event played a positive and effective role in raising the public’s attention and concerns for wood, and to appreciate wood use in daily life and the sustainable future. (Su Jinling)