2014 World Wood Day - Opening Ceremony


Visitors crowded in China Classical Art Expo Center as the opening ceremony was getting started on March 21, the World Wood Day.


The gate of the China Classical Art Expo Center, the venue of the 2014 World Wood Day celebration and International Wood Culture Festival.


From March 20 to 25, 313 artists, wood-related professionals and scholars from China and 70 other countries, and over thousands of visitors crowded in the China Classical Art Expo Center in Xianyou, Fujian Province, China for the highly-anticipated 2014 World Wood Day (WWD) celebration and International Wood Culture Festival. 

The 2014 WWD was initiated and organized by the International Wood Culture Society (IWCS), and mainly sponsored by World Wood Day Foundation (WWDF).


Girls performing dance titled “Inspiring the Nation” during the opening ceremony to express the locals’ joy over the event.


The events kicked off on the morning of March 21st (World Wood Day) with impressive speeches given by representatives from both local and overseas official organizations.

This year’s WWD events under the theme of “Wood in a Changing Culture” continued its core value to go along the concept of achieving “Wood is Good” with a cultural approach. Presentations of global cultures and ideas for sustainability were showcased in a series of overarching activities that drew thousands of visitors. 

Artists from around the world assemble in Xianyou to participate in the WWD celebration.


Andrew Wong, Coordinator of International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) D5, represents IUFRO to give a talk on stage.


Jinchi He, chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Xianyou, speaks on stage at the opening ceremony.


Feng Shi, leader of China National Forest Product Industry Association, delivers a speech.


IWCS President Chung Yun Hse speaks on stage.


During the opening ceremony, the IWCS announced to set up the International Wood Culture Research and Development Center.

IWCS President Chung Yun Hse confers the plaque to a representative of China Classical Art Expo Center, announcing to set up a center for international wood culture research and development in Xianyou.


A globe-lighting ceremony was held on stage to declare the launch of the World Wood Culture Festival.

Distinguished local and foreign guests go on stage for the globe-lighting ceremony.


Following is a series of beautiful shows that presented various cultures from different countries that lend an exotic ambiance to the festival. 


Local children hold flowers during a dance program to welcome the invited guests at the opening ceremony.


Young dancers present flowers to distinguished guests.


Local musicians performing pillow zither, a traditional Chinese instrument that is listed an intangible cultural heritage.


Xianyou group dancing along the sound of the pillow zither.


Irish artist John Butler plays the traditional wooden Uillieann Pipe from Ireland. 


Shen Wang, president of Wang Jiayue Percussion Band, performs marimba on stage. 


Swiss alphorn artists Matthys Böhm (left) and Michael Maurer (right) demonstrate the instrument.


David Hudson, Australian musician performs didgeridoo, an aboriginal wooden instrument from Australia.


Two members from the Tanzanian Police Force Band perform the lively African wooden drum dance.


The Tanzanian Police Force Band performs the lively African wooden drum dance.




Artists from Australia, Jordan, India and other countries enjoy watching the shows.


Local audience smiles while enjoying the shows.

The international audience, amazed by the performances, takes out their camera to have some good shots.


Various media cram at the stage trying to get better shots of the shows.


The guests and audience lingered around for a while after it ended, taking photos and chatting with the performers and each other.


The long-time friends as 2014 WWD Committee Member, Emeritus Prof. Pieter Baas from Leiden University (front left) and Prof. Xiaomei Jiang from Chinese Academy of Forestry greet each other.



Dr. Victoria Asensi, Scientific Director of Xylodata, France (left) and Zambian woodcarver Charles Chambata dance in joy.


Intellectual interactive events will take place over the next few days after the astounding opening ceremony that provided visual and cultural impacts. 

Young, bright performers from Xianyou cheer to the audience as the opening ceremony draws to an end.