2011 Global Wooden Door Forum at Beijing International Convention Center


(woodculture.org) - The 2011 Global Wooden Door Forum was held on 8 March in 2011 at the Beijing International Convention Center. This event is sponsored by China National Forest Products Industry Association (CNFPIA), China Building and Decoration Association, Association of China Industrial Newspapers (ACIN) and China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, organized by International Wood Culture Society (IWCS), CNFPIA Wooden Door Committee, Division Department of ACIN, Beijing Weishi Jiahe Strategy For Exhibition Co., Ltd and Beijing Zhongzhuang Weijia Strategy For Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Mr. JIANG Zheng-hua, Vice Chairman of the 10th NPC Standing Committee attended the forum. Mr. LI Yu-cai, Member of the CPPCC National Committee and Former Deputy Director of China State Forestry Administration gave the opening address. Nine representatives from the Organizer, Co- Organizer, Supporter and Sponsor delivered a joint welcoming address. Mr. WANG Zhi-bao, Chairman of China Green Foundation, Mr. FENG Bing, Chairman of China Media Alliance of Industry, Mr. CAO Heng-wu, President of China Industry Newspaper Association, Mr. WANG Man, Secretary-General of the China Association of Forestry and Mr. CHEN Wei, Executive Secretary of CIDE attended the forum. In addition, worldwide Commercial Specialists from Commercial Service in China, industry association representatives, wooden door manufacturers, and more than 600 business representatives of Chinese wooden door industry, dealers, agents, related material suppliers and media representative attended the conference.

With the theme of “Building a Green Future, Benefiting the Whole World”, the conference included Keynote Speeches, International Conference, Brand and Media Meeting and the 2011 International Low-Carbon Economy and Sustainable Management of Forestry Industry Symposium, so that guests and corporate representatives could interact and exchange ideas from different aspects. Mr. WANG Zhi-guo, President of China Real Estate Association, Mr. Branko Glavonjic, Leading Expert of Forest Product Market in Serbia and Chairman of the Timber Committee UNECE/FAO, Mr. Jeffrey F. Lowinski, Vice-President of Window & Door Manufacturers Association of the U.S and Mr. Gonzalo Matamala, Commercial Attaché & Trade Commissioner of ProChile Beijing, Embassy of Chile in China made the keynote speeches separately focusing on China's macroeconomic fundamentals, industry status and trends of the global wooden doors.

The International Conference was Moderate by Mr. WU Sheng-fu, Director of China National Forest Products Industry Association. With 4 topics of the conference, Mr. Qu Pi-liang, Leader of the Drafting group of China National Standards for Wood Doors and Windows, Mr. Heiko Hofmann, Testing Engineer for Doors and windows and Assistant of Quality Management at EPH Dresden, Germany, Mr. Mauro Casamatta, C.E.O. and Co-founder of Partner & Consulting and Export Manager for Lualdi SpA, Itatly, Mr. Azman Zainal Md Nor, Registered Professional Architect of Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia, Mr. Huynh Van Hanh, Vice Chairman of Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Mr. Marko Pastors, project Manager of Homag Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. made the wonderful presentations to the development process of the wooden door industry, the market situation, product quality, standards, technological innovation, sustainable development and the cultural connotation of wooden door.

Ms. SU Jin-ling, Secretary-General of IWCS chaired the International Dialogue inviting the representatives from Italian Federation of Wood Work and Furniture Industry, Porta Group, Poland, Japan Wooden Door Association, China National Forest Products Industry Association (CNFPIA), Shengyang Huahe Group, Zhejiang Mengtian WoodProducts Co., Ltd.and Dalian Shengyou Wood Door Products Co., Ltd. joining the Section. They shared their ideas from the angle of manufacturing industry and industry association on the topic of the global wooden door market situation, technological innovation and the main problems encountered in the international business of the wooden door.

On the 2011 Global Wooden Door Forum, Mr. Cao Heng-wu announced 10- year Meritorious Enterprises, Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises and Top Ten Excellent Enterprises of China Wooden Doors., together with their Brand name and Representative Figure. 30 companies, 30 brands and 30 Characters were awarded the recognition solemnly. Mr. SHI Feng, Secretary-General of the China National Forest Products Industry Association (CNFPIA) announced “Beijing Declaration of 2011 Global Wooden Door Forum” and “The Rules for the Implementation of Innovation Awards on Chinese Forest Industry”.

The opening ceremony of 2011 Tenth China International Door Industry Exhibition (CIDE-2011) and Banquet were held on the same day at Beijing International Convention Center. The scale of CIDE-2011 held on 9-12 March 2011 in Beijing China International Exhibition Center reached 11,000 square meters, and there are more than 6,000 booths and 1000 exhibitors, together with over 100,000 participants to attend the exhibition. It has become the world's top large-scale door industry ceremony.

International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) invited over 20 international experts in relevant fields visited the exhibition. Also, IWCS organized a small seminar for domestic and foreign experts in the afternoon of 9th of March at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center. The experts took an active part in the discussion and shared their experience and views for the industry status and problems either in domestic or foreign aspects. In addition, IWCS also interviewed more than 10 enterprises which were the participants of CIDE to reveal the current status of Chinese wooden door industry.

During the 11th five-year plan, China has become world's forest products production and wood trading power. The past 10 years, Chinese wooden door industry grew rapidly at about 25% rate annually; nowadays, the productivity and the output of wooden door has reached the first place in the world. China International Door Industry Exhibition, as a showcase for China's door industry, has become the largest wooden door exhibition annually through nine years growth. The next 5 to 10 years, wooden doors will still have a strong market demand.  Due to the transformation of exported enterprises, market entry of the relevant industry brand as well as the diversity of development, the pace of wooden door industry competition will speed up. Full integration, industrial upgrading, standardization of operations, and standardized processes will also be implemented fully and improved under the guidance of “green life” and the low-carbon development concept.

Written by CHEN Yao, Yu-chien, SU Jin-ling
Photo by LI Zheng-jun, XU Zhi-fu