Symposium on ancient wood


2010 International Wood Culture Symposium on ancient wood preservation, restoration and ancient wood cultural industry took place in Yangling, Shaanxi Province from 23 – 24 October 2010. The event was sponsored by International Wood Culture Society (IWCS), co-organized by Northwest A & F University and IWCS China branch and supported by IUFRO Division 5.

The opening ceremony was conducted by He Dongjian, the President of College of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, Northwest A & F University. Northwest A & F University President Wu Tepu, IUFRO Division 5 Coordinator Andrew Wong, Shaanxi Institute of archeology Chief Engineer Yang Junchang, International Wood Culture Society Vice-President Guo Menglin addressed the meeting. Chonnam National University President Yoon Soo Kim and National Herbarium branch of the Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity "Naturalis" Director Pieter Baas were seated on the platform. In additional, more than 80 representatives from 11 countries attended from domestic and overseas organizations of research and education, literature and art, industry, culture relics preservation and management, local industry and other related departments. 

IUFRO Division 5 Coordinator Andrew Wong said in opening address: "Let me applaud the excellent example of the IWCS which joined IUFRO in about 2007 and formed a notable active D5 research unit 5.10.01 (Wood Culture), and collaboratively has held a number of successful wood culture meetings before this." IUFRO acts as a non-profit, non-governmental international network of forest scientists. Its goal is the promotion of global cooperation of forest-related research activities and in doing so, helps enhance the appreciation of the ecological, economical and social aspects of forests and trees – a largely humanistic undertaking similar with the ideals of IWCS.

The conference schedule is as follows: the opening ceremony, eight sessions, group discussions and the closing ceremony. Reports of 31 experts and scholars cover ancient wood resources, wooden heritage conservation, the latest progress of archaeological wood identification, treatment and protection, wood cultural heritage conservation and restoration, old tree diagnostic technology, the classification and application of Chinese mahogany and ancient wood, and humanistic spirit of wood science in the world.
During the conference, 2010 Shaanxi wood culture exhibition also held at the same site. More than 70 display boards focusing on a ncient wood architecture, old trees, education and research with vivid pictures and descriptions attracted eyes of many guests, teachers and students. Shaanxi Institute of archeology Chief Engineer Yang Junchang said:” conservation and restoration of archaeological sites is a huge task. This meeting provides a good platform for experts and scholars who are engaging in timber research to participate in cultural heritage conservation activities in order to develop the wood culture in greater depth.”

This meeting is the fifth thematic seminars on wood culture held in China by International Wood Culture Society. Experts and scholars from different fields such as culture, industry, research and education banded together to discuss the ancient wood culture and exchange their opinions. It is a successful and meaningful conference that will play a positive role and far-reaching implication on healthy development of wood culture.


Editor: Su Jinling, Kevin song 

Photographer: Li Zhengjun, Xu Zhifu